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Hello and welcome to skyrating! This is the official rating community for the otome game, Starry☆Sky. A rating community is basically where you get......rated! You just have to fill out an application and other members vote on which Starry☆Sky character you are most like. It's all for fun, really.

Your mods here are morgaine, kuri, britty & yamachan01! If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact one of us or you can leave a comment here 8)


★ Please be nice and respectful towards the other members of the community.
★ This community runs on participation, so we do encourage you to vote on as many applications as you can! Although, you have to vote for at least three before you post yours.
★ Please make your application readable, use proper grammar!
★ Answer the questions honestly. Don't try to aim for your favorite character, that defeats the whole purpose of the community.
★ Post all applications under a lj-cut.
★ When voting bold your votes and try to give an explanation to your vote!
★ You'll get stamped after 5-7 votes. When you get stamped, upload your stamp to your own server, photobucket, tinypic, imageshack etc.
★ If you want to restamp, at least wait 2 weeks.
★ put the word "heroine" somewhere in your subject line! (just added 2.23.11)
★ Be patient, don't expect to be stamped overnight or anything.
★ With that, have fun and stay active!

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